Expressing the spirit of a collection with images, interpreting the message of a brand and translating it into photography: this is my task and goal as a fashion photographer. Here I can use my creativity optimally and make a contribution to important team work. Even where there is a creative director in the production, on the set it is always the fashion photographer who realizes the idea.

For me it is particularly important to emphasize the amount of work that goes into a collection or only a single piece. I try to bring out the many details, the choice of fabric, for example, or the cut. My goal: to translate the idea that was at the origin of the creative process into photography.

To correctly interpret a brand and perfectly communicate the idea in photographs, I talk to the stylists and designers to get to know them and their work. The fact that I dedicate a lot of time to the preparation, studying the brand and design in depth, helps me in the photographic realization of a campaign. Only in this way can I develop a real understanding of ideas and concepts and translate them into an appropriate visual language on the set. Because one thing is clear: in fashion photography everything must be perfect, from the choice of the model, to the location and to the pose.