Alessandro Antonini - Fashion and Wedding Photography


Immortalize a split second, capture and hold the unique, this is my idea of photography, as a fashion and wedding photographer. For me it is technology and creativity at the same time. It is the challenge to document, interpret and create. What are the key moments of a wedding? With what light and angle do I capture them? What is the message of a brand? In which place, with which models do I interpret it best? The situation and the assignment determine my approach: sometimes reserved and documentary, sometimes creative and imaginative.

My passion for photography was born during my many trips to exotic countries. The idea of capturing the many magical moments I have lived, of snatching them from transience and preserving them has been the key to my career as a photographer.

With my first professional camera I started capturing concerts and fashion shows. This was followed by photographic reports and lots of assignments which brought me to realize that photography was what I wanted to do in my life. What I initially lacked in technique I  acquired quickly and thoroughly, among other things, as an assistant in a photographic studio in Rome.

With the transition to self-employment, my dream has finally come true. I have made photo shoots in Rome, Milan, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Tahiti. I covered the Miss Italia contest as a freelance and I accepted also assignments for newspapers, magazines and press offices.

The next stage of my photographic journey has been the move to Germany. Here I have contacts with professionals such as wedding planners, hair stylists and make-up artists with whom I usually collaborate as fashion and wedding photographer. This is where I have established myself, fulfilling my two main ambitions in which I now operate: fashion and weddings.

A last note but also very important in my work: in addition to Italian and German, I also speak English and Spanish.